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Physical Activity in our School 

Being physically active and taking regular exercise is very important to the pupils, parents and teachers in Cloonbonniffe school. In recent years, our parents and the Cloonbonniffe Community Development group created a children's football pitch and walking trails. We regularly use the pitch and walking trails as part of our active lifestyles in school and out of school. We carry out "Wednesday Wake Up" our running activity every week at the pitch.

We use the pitch for our PE classes and for training for our school soccer and Gaelic teams. Active breaks take place on Wednesday in the schoolyard and our active leaders are 5th & 6th class pupils. We carry out "DEAM" (Drop Everything And Move) every day at 10 am. We get some fresh air and jog around our basketball court. It is a brilliant brain break from our hard work in class. When it is wet outside, we dance to "Go Noodle" in our classrooms.

We all get active homework on Wednesdays. We promote the message that all children need 60 minutes exercise each day. 

Throughout the year, we carry out witch walks, the Santa dash, village walk and litter pick up, easter hunts etc.