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Our Outdoor Classroom

Day 1 - We were busy planting radishes and sweet peas. Already, green shoots are visible in our school garden. We have decided to have a harvest meal with all of produce before the summer holidays. 

Day 2 - We planted more vegetables including cabbage and brussel sprouts. We began constructing a bug hotel. We planted a fruiting hedge which includes red currants, black currants and gooseberries. We expect to see lots of different birds feeding off this hedge in the coming months. 

Day 3 - The pupils of Cloonbonniffe NS worked very carefully today as they prepared a new bird bath for our wildlife garden. Here, we hope in the coming months to see a wide variety of birds bathing and drinking in our mini pond. The pupils also prepared a new wildflower garden. We used stone to give our bird bath a border. The junior room pupils painted large stones to add more colour to the wildlife garden. 

Day 4 - Preparation of the soil starts again for next Spring. We were able to distribute herbs, cabbage and berries to the pupils of our school. We are a healthy eating school.